To quickly share the story of our migration up north, we came up by way of Texas, growing up in Houston and spending nearly 11 years in Austin. As life happens, we began to feel a tug for growth & change, leading us to take a step of faith towards the great NW to Austin's sister city, Portland  :)  where we quickly fell in love with all its glory.  We feel blessed to be able to experience all the treasures of this place & strive to share the love & joy of what makes life truly smile & warm kolache at a time! :)  
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Our Happy Story 

     Curiosity piques at The Sparrow

1.       What is a kolache? – a sweet soft bun filled with yummy fillings, then baked to a beautiful golden delight. 


2.       What is the origin of the kolache? - the kolache was first introduced to Texas by the Czech immigrants who settled there in the 1800s in pursuit of land and a new life.  It has many cousins like the Polish, German, Russian variations - - many even compare the Asian hum bao to it.


3.       How in the world did ya’ll (okay so maybe not too many folks used “ya’ll” J) learn about the kolache?  – we were introduced to the kolache growing up in Texas, where the kolache was as common as the donut or bagel.  Yep it’s true!  Donuts & bagels battled for breakfast crowds with this unknown-to-many-of-you-until-now kolache J


4.       What makes Happy Sparrow kolaches different? – our kolaches are inspired by the Texas style ones we ate while growing up in Houston and Austin, but made with local NW ingredients for a more fresh and delicious treat, not to mention the special attention each and every single one gets as they are hand-rolled with special love & care.  We heart our kolaches!


5.       What are some of the local ingredients used in your kolaches? – Thanks to many wonderful suggestions from local foodie friends, we’ve included on our repertoire of local favs:  Otto’s sausages, Old German Smokehouse sausages, Tillamook cheeses, Sunshine milks, and the list continues to grow as we continue to get recommendations from our Happy Sparrow friends!  If you have a suggestion please feel free to share via stopping in or calling or emailing us.  We'd love to hear from ya!  


6.        How do you like Portland?  WE LOVE PORTLAND J  and are so happy to have the opportunity to enjoy all the beautiful splendor of the NW and love all the friends we've made here who are so amazing & awesome!  Thank you for all the support! 

    We'd love to hear from you!
       3001 SE Belmont Street
       Portland, OR 97214
Our happy story summed up :)
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