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The Sweet & The Savory


Our kolaches are made from the finest ingredients.  We choose wholesome, local and when possible organic to offer the best all around product.  We believe in supporting local businesses and thank you for supporting ours!

Daily selection will vary depending on what inspires us and/or what awesome suggestions we receive so be ready to brave the delicious unknown with us as we explore! ;) 

           Now Available! MINI kolaches!       
  Perfect bite size snack             for party trays                office meetings               any gathering that             could use a little       
  or a lot of happy-ness!   
Savory yum.... 

NEW! Texas Classic
Zenner's double smoked pork sausage makes this classic Texas favorite even better cuz it's from Oregon!

Texas Hot Link

Pickled jalapeno slices+ Zenner's double smoked pork sausage + Tillamook Cheddar cheese                        

Lil Smokies
Beef Smoked Sausage+Tillamook Cheddar Cheese..a true classic!                 

Bird n'Blanket
Turkey maple breakfast sausage link wrapped solo in our soft, sweet dough

Happy Bird Breakfast Bun
Turkey maple sausage with eggs n' Tillamook cheddar cheese

Potato Egg Cheeser
Seasoned potatoes with eggs n' Tillamook cheddar cheese

Bacon Me Happy
Bacon crumbles s with scrambled eggs patty & Tillamook cheddar cheese                       

Happy as Ham
Cubed honey baked ham, scrambled eggs patty & Tillamook cheddar cheese

Garden Vegan Bun
A nice blend of carrots, celery, onions, water chestnuts and sunflower seeds in a sweet plum sauce

Cheese Melt
Tillamook cheddar all the way! 

Mexi Melt
Tillamook cheddar cheese and pickled jalapenos

The Yeehaw!

BBQ Pulled Pork with chopped yellow onions and a lil kick of Sriracha! 

Lox of Love
Alaska smoked salmon+creamcheese & a sprinkling of dillweed top

Happy Thanksgiving
Roasted turkey breast, herb dressing & cranberry sauce

The Roast Beast
Roast beef with Tillamook Cheddar cheese & Tiger sauce

Pastrami Melt
Pastrami with mozzarella cheese

The Pizza
Italian sausage, black olives, mozzarella & housemade pizza sauce

....Sweet fun! 

Czech Poppyseed
The kolache, the original way...poppyseed joined with cinnamon, chocolate, lemon zest!

Bananas Over Nutella
Real, yes real bananas & Nutella hazelnut chocolate...something to go bananas over!

Nutella Hazelnut
Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread with a surprise...a toasted hazelnut on top! 
All My Joys
Shredded coconut + slivered almonds + all time favorite Nutella hazelnut!  

Strawberry Love
Organic strawberry preserves paired with cream cheese

Nutella Eclaire
Bavarian cream + Nutella hazelnut spread

Bacon Nutella
Two wonderful flavors all in one happy bun! 

Cinnamon Apple
Seasonal specialty of chopped apples seasoned with fragrant cinnamon


Simple but so good, a classic

our artisan kolaches have an extra special!

Each one hand rolled and made fresh daily!   We start with a double rise of our soft chewy dough.  we then add the yummy ingredients selected from our favorite local spots.  then each kolache is baked to a perfect little golden delicious happy bun for you to enjoy! 
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